The Oni


“Often portrayed as an evil spirit, the Oni is known to leave terror and disaster in its wake. Born from the souls of the most wicked, the Oni is an demonic outcast, trapped between the living and the dead, and cursed to wander for eternity.

There is little hope for someone who has become a demon. Solitude and rejection only leads the demon to stray from the light. It is said that should the Oni be fated to meet a peony bearer of true and noble heart, there is hope for salvation. So long as there is kindness and virtue, there is redemption.” While this is only a folktale, ‘demons’ can be found within ones immediate environment.

While they may not be cruel, frightening or necessarily evil, they are often at conflict with their surroundings and struggling in the face of a great obstacle. It is rejection that further causes them to stray off the path and lose sight of the road home.

Without help, the demon may only wander. Only when given a map can they begin to find their way back. The idea of the “Oni” represents someone who has lost their way, but has redeemed themselves with the guidance of a selfless saviour, the bearer of the peony flowers. The bearer of flowers symbolises someone who, in times of need appears before the demon to offer a second chance, regardless of their struggle.

The Oni is drawn resting among peony flowers, having found its own redemption.