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trillax (verb.) The act of keeping your sh*t together after experiencing a triggering situation.

Even when the current situation seems impossible, there is always a glimmer of positivity waiting to illuminate the path.

I created this as a reminder to myself as a certain family member growing up would call me names and go out of their way to spite me. I created Trillax because I wanted people know that no matter what has happened to you, you are in control of your destiny.
Eventually I ran away from home at 16 and despite my parents giving up on me, I decided to not give up on myself. My love for art was a way for me to cope, and eventually my friends advised me to sell my designs on a shirt! My story went viral and soon enough, Trillax was born.
There will be good times ahead, so don't give up. No matter how terrible of a situation you're in there will be something positive at the end of the road.
Looking back now, my world was definitely a dark place. But I made it out, because I wanted to prove everyone wrong. That you can rely on yourself, and you deserve to be happy.

So, let us hold onto hope and never surrender.