About us

What does Trillax stand for?
Trillax is the combination between words triggered and relax. When times are tough or when someone is driving you insane, it's important to remain calm.
I created this as a reminder to myself as a certain family member growing up would make me feel worthless, call me names and go out of their way to spite me.I created Trillax because I wanted people to know to remain calm during bad times and to not let it define you. 
trillax (verb.) The act of keeping your shit together after experiencing a triggering situation that forces an emotional response.
There will be good times ahead, so don't give up. No matter how terrible of a situation you're in there will be something positive at the end.

Our Mission

Trillax is a unique, streetwear brand inspired by traditional Japanese art.

We work hard to modernize these timeless designs, while never sacrificing their rich meanings. Our goal is to connect with people who value affordable, yet fashionable clothing that stands out from the crowd. Our brand is all about bringing people together around their shared love of art and style.

At Trillax, we are committed to ensuring that our products are ethically produced, which is why we work closely with suppliers in the cities of Melbourne and Sydney. We only print our art on high quality garments that are long lasting and are better for the environment. We aim to offer sustainable self expression and reduce waste.

In addition to our commitment to ethical production, we strive to use 100% cotton in our products and environmentally conscious packaging for all our parcels, including eco-friendly materials and packaging that can be reused or recycled.

We believe that doing our part for the environment makes a difference - and when you choose Trillax, you're choosing a brand that cares about sustainability and responsible practices as much as we know our customers do.

Thanks for choosing Trillax!